Benefit Documents

Benefit Documents for Lansing School District

Dental Products

07/01/2016Superintendent and Cabinet Staff ADN Benefit Summary.pdf
07/01/2016Administrators ADN Benefit Summary.pdf
07/01/2015LEA Midwestern Dental Benefit Summary
07/01/2016Teachers ADN Benefit Summary
01/01/2017Executive Secretary, Meet & Confer, Public Saftey and Secretaries ADN Benefit Summary
01/01/2017Custodian and Food Services ADN Benefit Summary
08/01/2019Lansing School District MESSA Dental Benefit Highlights - ParaProfessional

Life Products

04/01/2019Lansing School District RSLI GL Policy Rcvd 4-4-19
08/01/2019Lansing School District MESSA Life Benefit Highlights - ParaProfessional

LTD Products

03/01/2017Accessing ACI online
03/01/2017Accesssing ACI Mobile
03/01/2017EAP Sessions
07/01/2019Lansing School District RSLI LTD Policy
03/01/2017Bereavement Resources
03/01/2017EAP Sessions
08/01/2019Lansing School District MESSA LTD Benefit Highlights - ParaProfessional

Medical Products

01/01/2018PARA SBC MESSA 1000-20 plan
01/01/2018PARA SBC MESSA 1000-20 plan
01/01/2018PARA SBC MESSA 500-10 plan
01/01/2018LEA SBC ABC2 20% coinsurance 3 Tier Rx
08/01/2019MESSA ABC Plan 2 $2,000-10% Highlights - Paraprofessionals
07/01/2019CoreSource $2,000-0% SBC Eff. 7-1-19
01/01/2018LEA mandatory_mail_Rx rider How To
07/01/2019Trustmark SPD
01/01/2018LEA mandatory_mail_Rx FAQ
01/01/2018PARA SBC MESSA 2000-10 plan
08/01/2019MESSA Choices $1,000-20% Highlights Eff. 8-1-19 - Paraprofessionals
07/01/2019Lansing Trustmark 1000 SBC
01/01/2019Lansing School District Cafeteria Plan SPD
08/01/2019MESSA ABC Plan 2 $2,000-20% Highlights Eff. 8-1-19 - Paraprofessionals
08/01/2019MESSA Choices $500-10% Highlights - Paraprofessionals
07/01/2019Lansing Trustmark 500 plan SBC

Vision Products

07/01/2015Self Funded Vision Claim Form
07/01/2018VSP Benefit Summary - Teachers
07/01/2017Custodians, Executive Secretary, Food Service, LAES Secretaries, Meet & Confer, Public Safety Self-Funded Vision Benefit Summary
07/01/2017LASA, Superintendent & Support Staff Self-Funded Vision Benefit Summary
08/01/2019Lansing School District MESSA VSP Vision Benefit Highlights - Asst, Para