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Viking Pantry

Recognizing a need among their student population, Grayling High School

turned a former textbook storage room into

Viking Pantry

, a pantry containing

non-perishable food items, hygiene products and household necessities donated

by the district’s students, staff and community members. The pantry supports

students who are disadvantaged, allowing them to focus on their education, not

an empty stomach. Studies have shown that hunger can have a significant impact

on a child’s learning and education and undernourished students are more likely

to exhibit problems with concentration, memory, behavior, sleepiness, illness,

depression and anxiety.

Student senators from the high school run the program by stocking shelves with

donations, making purchases and assisting with all fundraising efforts. Students

who utilize the pantry

submit orders

anonymously online

and pick up backpacks

filled by student senate at

the end of the school day.

With the Education

Excellence grant, the

program hopes to reach

many more students that

would benefit from using


Viking Pantry

, but

might be afraid to ask for

help. The program plans

to expand its dietary

options by adding a

freezer and refrigerator

so they can offer dairy,

produce and lean protein.



Students who

utilize the pantry

submit orders


online and will

pick up backpacks

filled by student